Teacher Preparation Issues

It is common knowledge that every state is in need of highly qualified teachers in our ever growing education system.  Teaching is one of those careers that not only require a strong academic employee who knows their trade, but it is a occupation that requires multitasking, the ability to think on your feet, organization, problem solving, patience, understanding diversity and compassion.  This list could truly go on and on.  New teachers are feeling unprepared when entering a classroom because they are being faced with issues they were not prepared to meet.

Teaching is no longer about reading, writing and arithmetic.  Today’s teachers wear many different hats and need proper preparation to be successful at their job.

This concern has reached national attention.  The official blog of the U.S. Department of Education has stated that teacher preparation is a concern of President Obama.  He has asked the department of education to meet and create a program to support teachers and reward them.

teacher preparation graphic

Teacher training for cultural diversity.  

Our classrooms are filled with a diverse group of students more than ever in the United States.  There are immigrant children speaking English as a second language and translating what they learn to their parents.  Along with learning a new language these students are coping with the stress of integrating into a new culture.

Teacher training on how to ask for help.

Many students are carrying emotional baggage that no child have to have to carry.  Unfortunately it is a teacher’s job to read the signs of child who need assistance in one way or another.  Teachers need training on how and when to ask for help from counselors, social workers and child services.

Teacher training needs of diverse socioeconomic levels.

There are similar and different problems within different socioeconomic levels of children.  Poverty, drugs, and lack of basic essentials (food, clothing and shelter) are just a few.  It is important for a teacher to if or know how to address an issue with a student.  Sometimes teachers do not get a second chance to say or do something that could affect a child’s life.  Training is necessary here!

Teachers training on standardized testing.

Teachers need to understand how standardized testing works and how to administer it in their schools.  They need to know how to plan the year to prepare for the tests.  Once the scores are in, teachers need to know how to read the results to help plan for next year.

Preparation for parent interaction.

Communicating with parents can be difficult because you are both trying to be an advocate for the child, but may see things differently.  Proper education and training on parent communication could help in this process.

Most of this information is taught in a college teaching program.  Obviously there is an overwhelming need for further and more in depth instruction by teachers and administrators alike.