Substitute teachers play an incredibly important role in schools across America. Any district wants to have a healthy stable of educational professionals on hand who can serve in place of a teacher who has to miss for a sickness, personal emergency or other reason. In these cases, a substitute can become a very valuable commodity for a school district.


Individuals with a passion for teaching the young students of this generation can start to pursue a teaching career, or at least test Educational Placement Agency in Atlanta, GAthe waters, by becoming a substitute teacher. Teachers R Us is always looking to take on new teachers in our various service areas, including Atlanta, GA, and Tampa Bay, FL.


Many people consider taking some time to apply for a substitute teacher position but become a little overwhelmed at the thought of the minimum requirements for applying. In the areas serviced by Teachers R Us, many individuals who have pursued a course of study in teaching already meet most of these requirements.


In Fulton County, Georgia, a person is legally capable of serving as a substitute teacher with a high school diploma and a certain number of accredited hours of course study at a college or university; either 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours. Substitutes are also required to have a phone number with a local area code to prove local residency.


Hillsborough County, Florida, home of our other main service area in Tampa Bay, does require that substitute teachers possess at least an associate-level degree, either an Associate of Art or an Associate of Science degree. However, subs that have completed even higher degree levels can benefit from higher wages, the highest rates going to those who have obtained a 5-year Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate.


Becoming a substitute does not have to mean a career change. In many ways, it can help you further your career by focusing on a subject, and can provide a source of income on top of your other work. Teachers R Us wants to help you find meaningful, fulfilling work in the classroom. Contact us today to learn more about our application process. We are excited to announce we are expanding our placement services to the rest of the country within the next 24 months.

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