K-12 Substitute Teacher Recruitment Program

Teachers ‘R Us provides a staffing solution to recruit, screen, hire, train and deploy substitute staff with a technology solution that has both Internet and / or telephone access 24/7.

We are all aware of some recurrent themes found in research on teacher absenteeism, substitute teachers, student achievement as well as the financial impact to your budget. Teachers ‘R Us can help to track and monitor data by providing a feature-rich automated Substitute Placement and Absence Management solution and reduce costs through outsourcing of substitute staff. This positions you to better analyze absenteeism issues and more time to define solutions.

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K-12 Substitute Teacher Recruitment
Recurrent Themes In ResearchSolutions Summary
Absence Management
  • Better collection and monitoring of teacher absenteeism data leads to reduced absenteeism.
  • Improved and flexible report capabilities enable administrators to better monitor the frequency of Monday and Friday absences, reasons for absences, etc. help to identify causes of teacher absenteeism.
  • A better understanding of the reasons for absences can lead to possible changes in sick and personal leave policies which may positively impact teacher absenteeism.
Quality Of Substitute State
  • All staff is personally interviewed, subject to a stringent screening process, required to attend TRU and school required substitute training classes and must participate in annual continuing education courses.
  • Notifications of certification expiration dates are sent to staff to ensure compliance for all substitute staff.
  • To ensure you receive the most qualified substitute the system matches substitutes to a position on a rating system of qualifications as defined by your school.
  • An override feature lets you select substitutes “most frequently used” which can improve a substitute teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Lesson plans can be attached to the request for a substitute to ensure classroom instruction continues on plan.
Student Achievement
  • Teachers can assign more serious work to substitutes when they can view the substitute’s credentials, attach all necessary lesson plans or classroom notes and request a specific substitute who has become a known commodity in the classroom.
  • Substitutes can attach notes for the teachers review and to help build better communication tools.
Cost Savings
  • The costs associated with the management of substitute teachers administrative staff, advertising, hiring, screening, training, etc. can be transferred through outsourcing.
  • Outsourcing and automation increases efficiency, reduce hours spent locating and managing the process and reduce the amount of time and stress associated with same-day absences.