Any doubts? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What experience does your staff have in human resources, recruiting, child care or education?

All staff has experience in one or more of these areas. Our key staff is comprised of a former ECE Directors, Educators, an HR Manager, Accounting Professionals and State-Approved Trainers.

Q. Do you have a dedicated recruiting team that focuses on quality staff?

Yes. Stringent screening is applied to all applicants.

Q. How do you find qualified candidates?

We actively recruit staff through established relationships with colleges, universities and institutes that offer continuing education courses. We also attend and conduct job fairs as the need arises due to expansion. We do not accept any warm body that applies online and attends orientation. This is not viewed as a ‘best practice’ in maintaining our high level of quality.

Q. How do you screen candidates?

There are great differences in how firms screen candidates and this makes huge difference in the quality of staff sent to your center. Teachers ‘R Us has a stringent screening process that includes:

  • Phone interviews are conducted as the initial screening process
  • Candidates are then asked to come in for an orientation session
  • All candidates are personally interviewed
  • All references are checked and documented in the file
  • Candidates are required to submit verifiable proof of all education; college, continuing education courses, CPR/1st Aid, etc.
  • We perform annual criminal background and sex-offender checks

Q. Are all references checked and can we contact them as well?

Absolutely. Results of reference checks are dated and documented in our electronic database. References must be professional or education related. We do not accept merely a name and phone number.

Q. If asked, can you provide accurate, up-to-date documentation for all screening criteria?

Our database provides instantly access to all of our staff’s information. Flags are set to indicate pending actions such as completion of mandatory courses.

Q. Do you maintain an electronic database that enables you to match skill set for a position?

We have developed a comprehensive database that enables us to search for candidates based on specific criteria – instantaneously.

Q. Are you positioned for the new state minimum teacher requirements?

Teachers ‘R Us is known for our high staff standards and compliance with state standards.
Our training program has expanded to include CDA certification as well as alliances with institutions that provide such training. All staff that does not have a CDA is required to enroll within 30 days.

Q. Is your staff required to take continuing education?

Yes. All staff is required to obtain a CPR/1st Aid/Fire Safety training within 15 days. Staff must register for CDA certification within 30 days of entering the agency. Flags are set in our database to ensure that training requirements are met.

Q. How is your staff paid?

We pay all of our staff on a weekly basis. Our competitive pricing bundles all costs, therefore, you pay a service fee only for the number of hours worked. You do not pay a daily service fee for four hours of work.

Q. Does your staff receive performance evaluations?

Yes. Staff is evaluated both by our firm as well as the input received from center directors for whom they have worked. Pay raises are tied to both evaluations as well as meeting ongoing training requirements.

Q. Do you actively assist with permanent placements?

Yes. Our goal is to assist each and every individual with seeking full-time employment. Permanent placements are an important component of our firm.