Education jobs are the kind of jobs that can be dynamic and certainly offer daily challenges, and that’s something great for the students since they learn better in dynamic environments and also for the educators because they have a job that is not a monotone routine but instead there’s always something new and exciting every day.

Having a motivating environment at work is critical to develop the daily tasks in an effective and cheerful manner and helps to create a contagious feeling among the coworkers to create a harmonic atmosphere inside their work. Encouraging this kind of environment at school, among other improvements, can also result in a very dramatic switch in the way the educators feel about their jobs and easily become a win-win situation for everybody!

To have a motivating environment at school, everybody can contribute with actions and ideas based on their own point of view. For example:

  • Parents aware of the learning process that the children go through can be more active on the process itself and become a help for the educators.
  • Principals engaged to the school guidelines but also with the feelings and thoughts of the educators under their charge, present a great equilibrium which makes the educators feel valued and not just a part of the system
  • Education agencies providing the best possible tools and training to educators make them feel current and important since time and money is invested in order to help their formation.

Besides these points, other things that can improve the work environment at school can be:

  • Encouraging good relationships among the educators,
  • Knowing better the whole school staff (including substitute teachers)
  • Creating an “open door policy” so that educators can present ideas or suggestions directly to the principal and the administration
  • Creating recognition programs, even if they are small, for the educators to give them a token of appreciation
  • Keeping the school’s infrastructure in optimal conditions.

Efforts like the ones outlined above are small bricks to building motivation and wellness even from the moment the school is hiring teachers, those who will take care of the formation of the people of tomorrow.

Can you think of any other thing that motivates you at school as an educator? Share with us in the comments section below!