Motivations for Choosing Teaching as Your Career

Ideally, the choice you make for your career should be made thinking about fulfilling two important aspects as much as possible: It should be something you love to do and it should be something that provides an income big enough to live comfortably and without worries. Enter the teaching career!

Many motivations exist for every career choice, and choosing a teaching career is no exception. A study conducted in 2012 called “Motivations for Choosing Teaching as a Career: An International Comparison Using the FIT-Choice Scale” reveals that the highest rated motivations to choose a teaching career were “consistently intrinsic value, perceived teaching ability, the desire to make a social contribution, to work with children/adolescents and having had positive prior teaching and learning experiences.” In a few words, the calling is very strong for those who choose teaching as their career.

However, this study reveals the least motivating factors for choosing teaching as a career as well. The desire for job security, to enhance social equity and thinking that teaching will provide enough time for the family were the most cited ones to be the least motivating.

On top of these reasons, many teachers also point out that the pay is not the greatest for them and that their environment is not motivating to develop their job.

After reading this information, why choose teaching as a career?

Many people have figured out –even in their early years– the calling they have, that career they dearly love and have always dreamed of, not thinking about how much will be earned during their years of service but thinking about it is not a job, it is their life.

Teaching requires a lot of that and may be summarized on a thought from Peter Greene, teacher and writer, who in an article for The Huffington Post states the following:

“I became a teacher because I had to. I had to in the same way that I have to write and I have to make music and have to exercise. Because if I don’t, I don’t feel myself. Teaching, as crazy-making and challenging and frustrating and miserable as it can be, makes me feel fully me. It hooks me up to my students and my community and the world around me in a way that nothing else can.

It is work that must be done.”

Teaching is a noble career that has an endless influence in the way the world is shaped and when you feel this is what you should do, you hardly will consider any other as your career choice.

Want to learn more about teaching?

If you want to learn more about teaching as a career, go and visit schools, shadow teachers to know what their daily routine is. Consider teaching as a lifestyle so get to know the contents that are delivered to the classes you want to impart by reading them first and picture your life following this path. By doing these actions, you’ll know better if this is the career you have always wanted and become a motivated and encouraging teacher!