When staffing your childcare business you need to make sure all employees are certified to work in your establishment. You do this by abiding by all these requirements. Any candidate for staffing your child care establishment needs to be at least 18 or older; have a high school diploma or high school equivalent; and at least 40 hours of initial training. This does not include CPR, first aid, and other basic safety and health training. For that you will need the employee to have a least an additional 24 hours of training.

While you want to make sure your staff is properly trained; you also need to be aware of the child/provider ratio. The ratio differs from state to state; it usually goes by the age of the children in your program. This is done for the sole purpose of the provider being able properly care for each child. If you have one provider with twenty children it will be very chaotic, and the provider will not be able to properly care for each child. You can only have so many children in each group, and so many children in your program. The number of children that are allowed in your program will be decided by how many square feet your establishment is.

Every parent expects the best child care providers for their children. It is very difficult for a parent to put the safety and care of their child in the hands of a stranger. Your best option here will be to get background screenings on all of your employees. This will also be beneficial for you to know all of your employees are able to work around children. The state requires a back ground check, but there are different kinds. The best type of background checks are comprehensive checks. The comprehensive background check gets your state and federal criminal history by name; your state and criminal history by fingerprint; performs a child abuse registry check; and also provides a sex offender registry check. You need to check with your licensing department to see how often the checks are required. These checks are to make sure you do not have any employees that are a danger to the children, and to give the parents a peace of mind while their children are in your care.

After you have had an employee for at least five years they are eligible for a child development associate certificate or CDA. This requires additional training. Candidates need to be 18 or older, have a high school diploma or high school diploma, at least 480 documented hours of working in child care for the last five years, and additional training for CPR and first aid. The candidate must also have 120 hours of formal child care education in the past five years. The 120 hours must include at least 10 hours each of the following:
• Planning a safe, healthy learning environment for the children
• Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development according to their age
• Positive ways to support children’s social and emotional development. Each child develops differently you need to know how to work with each child.
• Strategies to establish productive relationships with families so there will always be communication in regards to the child.
• Strategies to manage an effective program operation so each child receives the attention they need.
• Maintaining a commitment to professionalism. Children do better when there is consistency; you need to be able to stay consistent, and commit yourself to your children’s needs.
• Observing and recording children’s behavior. This is to make sure the children are developing properly, and you keep excellent records.
• Principles of child growth and development. Here you will learn all the stages of child development so you can make sure each child is in the right development stage.

Staffing your establishment with the right type of people is very important. Hiring a child care staff with no criminal history, and an upbeat personality is a great way to have a well running establishment. It is always very important to put the needs of the children before anything else. Working so closely all the time and having the same children all the time; turns you into an extended family. Be sure that the parents are comfortable so they feel comfortable in leaving their children in the care of you and your staff. Make sure you have all you credentials on display so they are aware how well you are prepared to take care of their children.