A Substitute Teacher Job Description

It has been said in the past that a substitute teacher’s job description is similar to babysitting.  This cannot be farther from the truth!  Preparation and learning must take place in order for the job to be successful.  All of the rules and structure of the classroom and school must be followed which requires a […]

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The Importance of Teacher Preparation

It is common knowledge that every state is in need of highly qualified teachers in our ever growing education system. Teaching is one of those careers that not only require a strong academic employee who knows their trade, but it is a occupation that requires multitasking, the ability to think on your feet, organization, problem solving, patience, understanding diversity and compassion.
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The Substitute Teacher Shortage

Public schools need a list of qualified people to call on when the teacher is out. They would prefer quality well trained substitute teachers if they had the choice, but some states simply need substitute teachers! The phrase “substitute teacher shortage” is heard quite often nowadays.
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7 Traits of a Quality Substitute Teacher

The job requirements for a substitute teacher have dramatically changed over the years. No longer does the substitute teacher job description solely entail holding down the fort until the regular teacher returns. Each and every day of school is vitally important for the success of all children.
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Why Choose a Teaching Career

Ideally, the choice you make for your career should be made thinking about fulfilling two important aspects as much as possible: It should be something you love to do and it should be something that provides an income big enough to live comfortably and without worries. Enter the teaching career!
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Teachers’ pay rates: A very long road to peak earnings

Teaching is a career that is considered to be pursued not for good pay but because there is a true calling for the profession. Despite that calling, which is certainly a key factor to follow a teaching career, it doesn’t justify the lack of an appropriate compensation for their important profession. And most of the […]

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Teacher retention rates: Why are they so low?

In 2014 there were extremely alarming reports in regards of retention rates for teachers, showing that this profession had a very low retention rate compared to many other ones and also that many teachers across the United States are not only dropping their current job to pursue another one on the same field, but there […]

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Jobs in Education: Building a Motivational Environment at Work

Education jobs are the kind of jobs that can be dynamic and certainly offer daily challenges, and that’s something great for the students since they learn better in dynamic environments and also for the educators because they have a job that is not a monotone routine but instead there’s always something new and exciting every […]

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Benefits of work for an Educational Placement Agency

Are you a teacher? An educator? Looking to find the opportunity to get great teaching jobs in your area of expertise, but not really sure where exactly to start from? Why not consider working for an Educational Placement Agency? Educational placement agencies are geared specially towards helping education professionals, like teachers, instructors; discover the types […]

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Childcare Staffing

When staffing your childcare business you need to make sure all employees are certified to work in your establishment. You do this by abiding by all these requirements. Any candidate for staffing your child care establishment needs to be at least 18 or older; have a high school diploma or high school equivalent; and at […]

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