Are you a teacher? An educator? Looking to find the opportunity to get great teaching jobs in your area of expertise, but not really sure where exactly to start from? Why not consider working for an Educational Placement Agency? Educational placement agencies are geared specially towards helping education professionals, like teachers, instructors; discover the types of positions that are both personally and professionally rewarding. Below, you will find some great benefits of working for an educational staffing agency.

• Opportunities for new grads to gain hands-on experience

When you register with an educational placement agency, you can take advantage of all the career tools offered and participate in on-the-job training initiatives. A mix of classwork with on-the-job training experience is the most suitable strategy to be prepared for positions in the education industry.
Placement agency provide access to various kinds of learning circumstances without an obligation. New graduates will get the opportunity to test the “waters” and see which types of positions and learning environments will be the best fit for them personally.

• Opportunities to obtain a permanent position in the Education Industry

Working with a placement agency gives educators direct access to hiring managers for permanent positions within the schools and/or learning development centers. Around fifty-five percent of temporary teachers proceed to long-term employment or permanent positions in the industry within the first year of employment.

• Continuing networking opportunities

Develop your current professional network. Nourish associations with colleagues in the course of your placements through and educational placement agency. You can never predict exactly where a contact could possibly lead you, not to mention who may suggest you for potential teaching opportunities.
Be the first person to get information about great opportunities by registering with an educational placement agency.

As you start your career search, be sure to take full advantage of all the many benefits and services that an educational placement agency can offer.