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Teachers’ pay rates: A very long road to peak earnings

Teaching is a career that is considered to be pursued not for good pay but because there is a true calling for the profession. Despite that calling, which is certainly a key factor to follow a teaching career, it doesn’t justify the lack of an appropriate compensation for their important profession. And most of the […]

February 3rd, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

Teacher retention rates: Why are they so low?

In 2014 there were extremely alarming reports in regards of retention rates for teachers, showing that this profession had a very low retention rate compared to many other ones and also that many teachers across the United States are not only dropping their current job to pursue another one on the same field, but there […]

January 19th, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

Jobs in Education: Building a Motivational Environment at Work

Education jobs are the kind of jobs that can be dynamic and certainly offer daily challenges, and that’s something great for the students since they learn better in dynamic environments and also for the educators because they have a job that is not a monotone routine but instead there’s always something new and exciting every […]

January 5th, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

How parents can participate in motivating teachers.

Teachers continue to face rising pressures from government-imposed rules and regulations, economic cutbacks, state mandated tests and curriculums such as the “No Child Left Behind” Act and parents who want their children to succeed in spite of it all.  In addition, there is a continual lack of funding for special education teachers, leaving responsibility for […]

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Substitute training programs

Imagine you are about to face a roomful of antsy eighth graders.  You’ve managed to land a job as a substitute teacher, and despite the low pay and lack of benefits, you’re excited about starting your new job.  But kids are smart, and if you don’t take control from the outset, they will.  If you […]

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Early Childcare Teacher Shortages

Children at their earliest stages of development rely completely on the adults who care for them to shape their views of themselves and the world.  This role used to be filled solely by parents, or perhaps by nannies or governesses of the wealthy elite.  With the advent of two worker households, most children growing up […]

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Substitute Teacher challenges

Remember substitute teachers? Your teacher was out sick, and without warning a stranger showed up in front of the class. It was pretty easy to tell if they were a good substitute teacher or a bad one. You were happy to get bad substitute teachers, because they didn’t make you work. On the other hand, […]

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Discuss the teacher shortage in America

In a time when schools are under pressure to produce highly educated workers to compete in the global market or suffer the consequences, America is facing a crisis. There is a shortage of teachers in America, and it’s expected to get worse.

There are several reasons for this. The first is pure demographics. The “baby boomers” […]

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Benefits of work for an Educational Placement Agency

Are you a teacher? An educator? Looking to find the opportunity to get great teaching jobs in your area of expertise, but not really sure where exactly to start from? Why not consider working for an Educational Placement Agency? Educational placement agencies are geared specially towards helping education professionals, like teachers, instructors; discover the types […]

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Childcare Staffing

When staffing your childcare business you need to make sure all employees are certified to work in your establishment. You do this by abiding by all these requirements. Any candidate for staffing your child care establishment needs to be at least 18 or older; have a high school diploma or high school equivalent; and at […]

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